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Event Spa Hire helping people from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay surrounding areas to relax and enjoy the transformation made possible using the hydrotherapy aspects our spas deliver. Event Spa Hire (Formally known as Party Spa Hire) is based in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast and offers a versatile spa hire which is the perfect event hire idea for all occasions ranging from frequent bookings for church baptisms to one off romantic nights, hens nights, bucks nights and birthday parties or just a relaxing holiday treat.

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Party Spa Hire


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Living Well Spa Hire and Sales

6 to 8 Person Spa ($1,395):

This LUXURY model spa is the largest inflatable on the market and is very durable unlike some other inflatables. It holds 1200 litters of water and is marketed as a six seater but I have had spa parties with eight enjoying it comfortably, and I personally have found it to be...

THE MOST COMFORTABLE, RELAXING AND FUN SPA I HAVE EVER ENJOYED... I have had all sorts of fibre glass ones and other inflatables and even Soft-tubs from the USA and none compare to the experience you and you friends will have with this stylish looking spa. Other spas tend to just have a few blowers to stir up the water or have movable jets to a certain part of your body, but this spa has a massive 135 micro jets around the outside base on the spa that enable you to get an awesome massage from your back up to your neck all at the same time.


I know YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED... this model is also the quietest of all the M Spa models on the market so you can still hear your lover or friends conversation while the bubbles are going. It's also worth mentioning that this spa has also been rated as being THE MOST ECONOMICAL spa in the world to run due to it's unique design. This state of the art new Spa has been designed for easy use, easy set up, easy inflation and is also easy to drain and store away or move house if required. With the "Smart Inflation Design" you simply connect the inflation pipe to the motor, insert pipe into the spa inflation hole and press the bubbles button. Set up and inflation of the spa is achievable in less than 10 minutes.

TO MAINTAIN THE SPA IS REALLY EASY... just place a spa float with three bromine tablets it's the spa when not being used.

ALSO... Check out the "Spa Surround" we are also offering! It looks great around the spa and is perfect for your drinks, candles, towels, ashtrays...

* Self inflates in about 3 minutes (using the inbuilt air pump)
* Heats up to 42 degrees (or use it cold in summer)
* Thick extra tuff skirt and patented inbuilt equipment for super quiet operation
* Economical to heat and run with multi stage insulation system
* 135 turbo jets for the most awesome spa and massage experience
* Plugs into any normal power point
* Super comfortable with soft sides, padded base and in-built cushions
* Larger than most other MSpa models
* Packs up neatly in its own draw string bag
* Full Australian electrical safety approvals in place

* 2 filter cartridges (1 spare)
* Inflatable lid to stop heat loss
* Drainage hose
* Lockable zip on thermal cover
* Combination lock
* Inflation hose with pressure valve tester
* Soft rubber mats to place under spa for extra protection
* 12 month warranty
* Instruction DVD

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